Structural Engineering

Structural Inspection across Westchester County, NY

  • Sagging or tilted floor?
  • Bowed beam in your basement?
  • Tilting outbuilding
  • Severely notched or drilled beam in your basement?
  • Or are you just concerned about the structural stability of a specific area of a home you own, or are interested in purchasing?
  • For any of these issues, you might need a Structural Inspection.  In a Structural Inspection, our Certified Home Inspectors will come to your home (or prospective home) and analyze the conditions of the support structures as well foundation.
  • Once an analysis is completed in our office and we determine the nature of the issue (if there is one), our NYS licensed Professional Engineers would provide you with a report detailing the conditions, and suggested remedial measures for you to provide to your contractor.