Pre-Listing Home Inspection across Westchester County, NY

  • A Pre-Listing Home Inspection would be performed by the owner of a home in preparation of listing a home for sale. The Pre-Listing Home Inspection itself would be as comprehensive as a Home Buyers Inspection, but the home inspection report would only include deficiencies found during the inspection. The advantage of getting a Pre-Listing Inspection for home owners preparing to sell is to identify issues that may arise after the prospective buyer's home inspection, which can cause re-negotiations, costly time-sensitive repairs, or even the deal to fall through.
  • A follow-up inspection and report can be prepared after any repairs are made. This follow-up inspection report is great to use as a marketing tool because it shows what great condition the home is in and that there are no major issues with the home or it's major systems. The follow-up inspection and report would be an additional $200.